Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 17.8.08, Afternoon

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Yehudit B. and Noa P. (reporting)

Translation: Ruth F.

14:40 Za'tara-
There were three vehicles from each side. It was quiet.

15:00 Huwwara-
The checkpoint was much more crowded then usual. The long lines reached up to the waiting shed. In the cell was a detainee, according to him he had been there for over an hour. He didn't know why he was detained.
All three posts were active. Every 3-4 minutes someone passed, but since there were so many people, the waiting time was over an hour. 

15:30- After a relatively calm half an hour we heard yelling again "Irjawallara", and again they wouldn't allow people to stop and buckle their belts at the waiting shed or put their wallet in the pocket, they were eager to send them off.
According to the DCO the detainee had been there for just half an hour, and he was arrested because he caused trouble, he said he would release him soon.
They explained that the lines were long on that day because it was the first day for handing applications to the university. This was also the week that school started.
According to the DCO they were preparing for major relives regarding the regulations because of the studying and the Ramadan (they also promised that last year).

15:40- The first detainee was released and then another one, a "Bingo", was taken in, he now had to wait until things cleared up.

15:45- Those standing in the long lines were losing their patience and started yelling.
The soldiers responded by singing Sh...alom Sh..lom.

16:10- Five young men from Awarta came out, they were laughing. They stood for an hour an a half in line, heading back from their enrollment to the university. This is what they will have to deal with every day, 10 minutes away from their homes and three hours waiting in lines.

Beit Furik
It was very quiet. Few pedestrians were there. No cars.
From a conversation with the cab drivers and those selling coffee, we learned that those who aren't from the village get a permit to enter when they have a wedding or funeral to attend. They said now one checks the IDs and there isn't a list with names of those invited. Some wait for such occasions just so they get the chance to see their relatives. Doctors are allowed to enter at all times with their IDs, but others aren't. When a washing machine breaks it's much easier to load it on a car and drive to Nablus.

17:00- We left early due to medical reasons.