'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Qalqiliya, Tue 9.9.08, Morning

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Rutti C. & Shlomit S. (reporting) ; Translation: Miriam V.

           In general :  Very quiet . Few are passing. Hardly any cars or pedestrians passing through the checkpoints. 

Eliyahu Gate

06:30  From the car, we see about 30 men waiting to enter Israel. It is quiet, and not crowded.

Qalquiliya Checkpoint
9:30-10:00 Few cars pass through at this hour. According to the soldiers, in the evening, towards the end of the Fast of Ramadan, everyone arrives in order to eat with their families.


08:00-08:30: Sparse traffic in the direction of Tulkarm. Hardly any traffic leaving the town. The soldiers look bored, and the few cars which do pass through the checkpoint ,are checked very slowly. In no time, there is a  line of about 10 cars
waiting to leave Tulkarm.

The soldiers continue with their "slow motion" checking, so we drew the attention of the commander, of the checkpoint, to the fact that the passengers in the cars are losing precious time . When we returned to our car, we saw that the checking at the checkpoint has speeded up, and that the time the cars are heldup at the checkpoint is shorter.


 09:00-09:30 Silence – as if the citizens have left the area. Very few are passing. The soldiers can eat in peace, with being disturbed.