'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Beit Iba, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 14.9.08, Morning

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Rachel H. Leah S. ; Natanya translating.


Irtah 6:50

The checkpoint is very active. The workers come out angrily because they say there are only 3 out of the 12 checking areas open. 

 The administrator of the crossing says that all the posts worked to the utmost of their ability but after a few hours some of the checkers took a break and also on Sundays there is more activity.

Some of those exiting gather in the parking lot and say that they missed their employers because the checkpoint opens too late.  It seems that on the Palestinian side the hour is one hour early (according to Jordan time) and this causes confusion. We spoke to one of the employers in Tel Aviv as one of the Palestinians had asked us to do and asked him to not to fire the worker because of this difference in hours.
There was no line of workers at the Tulkarm side and the traffic streamed through.

7:15 Jubara.  

The checkpoint is being upgraded. There are a number of soldiers and little traffic and the passage is open.

The soldiers open the gate with no delay. One of the soldiers says that in the near future the Children's gate at  A-ras will close and all the traffic will go through Jubara.

7:25 Ar-Ras.

Little traffic. No detaineesinfo-icon but two elderly women are not allowed through to Jubara to see their Zater because their permit is only for the checkpoint at Palama. The checkpoint at Faron is closed and they have to go through the Children's Gate and walk a distance or pay for a taxi. The situation is the same for those who own agricultural land. 

 The children's buses  have not yet arrived. That is because the hour is one hour earlier  on this side of the border.

8:00 Anabta.
Few taxis and no detainees. Few pedestrians, mainly students from Tulkarm also because of the hour difference.

8:15 Beit Iba.  Because of the early hour no pressure and the students are only beginning to arrive. Those coming from Nablus take off belts and shoes. No line of cars and the passage is open.

8.30 We leave