Reihan, Shaked, Wed 17.9.08, Morning

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Vivian S. B., Nava R.
Only a few people are going through in both directions, without having to wait very much. The flow is reasonable and 'there are no problems'.On the other hand, we are told that farmers who submitted requests did not received permits. They are afraid of what will happen during the olive-picking season, which is very near.
08:10   We left the CP. 

08:20 Reihan-Barta'a CP
No cars are waiting on the side of the seamline zone.There are no pickup trucks waiting to go through from the West Bank to the seamline zone. Four private cars are being inspected. In the upper compound, a car is parked waiting for some special inspection. 

In the Palestinian parking lot, about 80 people are waiting in front of a locked gate. Nobody explains to them why they have to wait. People say that they have been waiting for almost two hours. We telephoned Sharon, the person appointed by the Ministry of Defense to be responsible here, and the gate is opened. Sharon says that they closed it at 08:15; he does not want to tell us why. People enter in fives.
A Palestinian tells us that they closed the terminal because in one of the cars, the inspecting dog barked as if there were some suspicious materials in it. That is apparently why the car that we saw was waiting in the upper compound. 

08:45 All of the people entered the terminal

10:00 We left the CP.