Reihan, Shaked, Tue 23.9.08, Morning

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Ruthie T. and Hanna H. (reporting )

Translation: Devorah K.

Reihan CP - 06:00
The CP opened at 05:00; the x-ray machine is working and many workers have already gone through and are waiting for their rides. But they tell us about a new problem: after the holidays, beginning October 5, it will not be possible to go through the Reihan CP to Israel even if they have a permit to do so ("red permit"). People who live in Ya'abe and work in Hadera (and the employer drives them from the CP and back there) will have to go through Taibeh. A waste of time and money and perhaps also the loss of a job. The tempo of leaving is quick and those going through report to us that the time of passage is 30 minutes. At 06:30 the pressure eases and from now on only one post is in operation at the exit from the terminal.
06:45 - In the lower parking lot (the Palestinian) five pickup trucks with goods are waiting. There are no passenger cars. The drivers in the parking lot are bored and ask us about clothing. 
07:00 - The pickup trucks enter the inspection compound. The gate of the CP closes for ten minutes in order to enable what appears to be a shift change and a security check.

Shaked CP - 07:25
The gate is already open but only a few have gone through. About 30 people crowd near the turnstile; they wish to go through to the seamline zone. In the inspection room, there is only one soldier doing the inspection.

People tell us that residents who submitted requests for a renewal of their agricultural permits over a month ago (on August 5) have still not received them and they are of course very worried because soon the olive-picking season will begin. At 08:00 all the people have already gone through to the seamline zone. Passenger cars and a tractor are also going through to the seamline zone. The inspection of each vehicle takes 1 - 2 minutes. Pupils begin to go through to school at 07:45. They go through immediately without inspection. One man tells us that at the end of July, they've taken his son's permit as punishment for not having returned on the same day. Since then he has turned to the DCO; at the DCO they gave him a telephone number where he could get information; but every time he called in an attempt to resolve the problem, either they did not answer or they were not near the computer, and so on, and so on. We tried to help him but we, too, could not get to the person responsible for this matter.

Reihan CP - 08:05
Two passenger cars on their way to the seamline zone are being inspected at the CP for twenty minutes. Two taxis with passengers go through to the West Bank; inspection time is ten minutes. The first pickup trucks with goods leave for Barta'a at 08:20. Two more pickup trucks are waiting and enter for inspection. The time of passage for pedestrians in the direction of the seamline zone is 25 minutes.