'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Sun 21.9.08, Afternoon

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Alix, Aliyah - reporting
13:30 Kalkiliya
   There were a few cars going into the city:
they were hardly being checked. The parking lot was much fuller than
last week. One car with Israeli license plates was stopped, questioned
and then allowed to go into the city. Cars coming out were very
cursorily checked. We saw no pedestrians while we were there.
15:00 Anabta
   There was a long line of cars (about 16-18)
as far as we could see, that were waiting to go out of Tulkarem. They
were being checked very quickly and the line was moving all the time as
more cars joined the line. No car waited more than 10 minutes. A few
cars, taxis and even a bus went right through into the city. The
checkpoint seemed very quiet.
   The soldier who seemed to be in charge of
the checkpoint came to us and told us, very politely, that he had
instructions that we were to stand outside the area of the checkpoint -
at a place where we wouldn't be able to see too much. We answered that
we had always stood where we were standing. He insisted that those were
his orders and asked us to move. We didn't, and he went back to his
place at the checkpoint. Actually, we were about ready to move on
because we had seen all that we needed to see there. But we decided not
to move just yet so as not to seem to follow his orders. About 5
minutes later a Hummer drove up. Since we had begun to move toward our
car we don't know if the Hummer came because of us, but we weren't
15:45 A-Ras
   At Gate 753 there were several workers
waiting to go towards Tulkarem. They were being checked and didn't wait
too long.  Two men were waiting in the shade on the other side of the
gate. They asked for water which we gladly gave them. They were no
longer there when we returned.  Two women waited to go into Jubarra.
They also went through quickly. The soldiers were quite polite towards
us and also towards the people there.
    There were 6-7 cars coming from Tulkarem at
the checkpoint, but the line was constantly moving. From the other
direction the few cars were moving smoothly.
16:15 Jubarra
   We saw only one or two cars going through the checkpoint.