Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Tue 22.7.08, Morning

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Inbal, Hagit B (reports) and 2 students from Sapir College

Translating - Yael Z.
Maitar CP
7.30 – Only few cars are waiting in the Israeli side for workers to come.
6 Buses are waiting for the prisoners' families who are being checked – women and men separately. At 8.00 they all took off for the prisons.
Shlomy, the CP manager , told us that about 1200 workers pass every day and on Sundays the number  is 1600. In the coming weeks an experiment is starting in Tarqumia CP : On the way back the workers will not pass computerized checking and the process will be smoother.
Maitar CP is open daily from 4.00- 19.00 and Fridays until 14.00

Route 60
Most of the blockings are still in place.
Daharia – We met 2 youngsters from Jenin. A journey which normally takes 2 hours took them 5. They passed through Awarta, Zaatra and the Container Cposts.
Dir Razah, Carame, Abde – the ways are open. Samoa is closed.
Dura – El Pawar & Sheep J.: Soldiers are seen in the Pill box and normal traffic is watched.
Bani Naim –  Workers are seen in Menahem Livny's vineyard. An army vehicle is escorting them.

Many military vehicles are moving around. Perhaps due to the exchange of battalions: Golany is taking over from NAHAL. We are stopped 3 times for document checking. The soldiers do not understand why we present our I.D's when only our Bedwin driver is asked to do so.
On the way up to Tel Rumaida the officer draws away the international volunteers. Every pedestrian is checked, including women. They try to drive us away too but as civilians, we refused to get any orders from soldiers.
A police cars arrived took our details and we got a permission to stay.
The House on quarrel: A boy threw a stone on our guest who was taking a picture.
In Basam's shop we saw the videos that had been taken the day before. Settlers children  were seen throwing stones on Palestinians' windows and on pedestrians.
Tarpat CP,  Pharmacy CP and Abraham's Cave CP : Checking is done as usual, no detaineesinfo-icon were seen.

Road 35
Deserted, all the blockings were in place.


No workers at that hour of the day, we were told about 4 buses of prisoners' families that had passed smoothly.