Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 2.10.08, Morning

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Observers and reporters: Nina S. and Nava E.

Translation: Hanna K.

It's the holiday season, there are few meetings between Israelis and Palestinians.

06:30 The Samaria gate eastwards isn't manned.

The entrance to Marda is open, the western one too. There is a blockade at Zeita.

06:45 Zatara\Tapuah junction:
There are no cars from Ariel, and few from Huwwara.
At the CP there are reservists, this time an artillery corps. They do not hasten to move us away from the CP positions. At the parking lot two settlers move goods "from one side to another".

07:05 Opposite the entrance to Beita. A jeep of the border police parks at the new parking lot, and its counterpart patrols on the road and quickly appears to help the first one when we park next to it. According to them they continue collecting the IDs of the taxi passengers and noting them down in a form. This time they claim that they are working on orders from the border police headquarters and not from the brigade. On the way back we shall see them detaining a car full of passengers.

Burin\Yitzhar - there is no activity.

07:12 Huwwara:
There are no Palestinians in the CP, not on foot nor in vehicles.
There are no detaineesinfo-icon. There are binoculars and a DCO representative. There is no girl dog trainer. From time to time isolated persons pass from the town or into it, as time passes people dressed in holiday dress pass through the CP. A few trucks try to enter Nablus because during New Year the CP at Awarta was closed. Israeli Arabs arrive and pass with their vehicles to visit relatives.

08:25 Awarta: desolation. No cars, a young soldier opens his mouth to tell us his opinion of the Palestinians. But we leave without entering into an argument.

08:30 Beit Furik:
There is no car queue to enter town, few pedestrians. The "Tea House" is still closed. The soldiers enable us to approach the checking posts. At the spot there is the "wanderer" who blocks the passage, the soldiers enable a vehicle leaving Nablus to go over to another lane.

08:40 Back at Huwwara.
It is still very calm, the parking lot gets more crowded, the food and coffee stalls are active again, now that the Rammadan has come to its end.

09:25 Tapuah\Za'tara junction - there are no queue. We continue a bit on the road towards Jerusalem to let a hitch-hiker off, and return via the road that bypasses Ariel.
09:35 Some distance before the Samaria gate, the tent of the soldiers who were guarding the end of the dirt track, has been removed.

At the Samaria gate there isn't much traffic, there is a CP at the entrance to the Territories.