Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 24.9.08, Morning

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Ora A.., Drora P.. (reporting) Yoske (driving)



6:30 AM, Bethlehem Checkpoint: It has been a while now that on   our side there weren't any lines and that the only pressure accumulated was on the side of Bethlehem. So it was to our great surprise that when we arrived we saw long lines in front of 4 open inspection posts. The passage was quick, even in the ones where a hand print inspection was preformed. We don't know what cause this blessed improvement. Perhaps it was the Ramadan. We hope that it will continue to be so also after the holidays.



7:00 AM, Al Nashshash;  A police car was parked at the junctionThey were inspecting the vehicles very thoroughly. Only few vehicles were passing and there were almost no pedestrians. No one approached us.


7:20 AM, Beit Omar: We met a person that had arranged to see us by the grocery. We handled his case. The shop was closed; we were told that the owner had gone to Mecca.


8:00 AM, Nabi Unis: The place was deserted. All the stands were shut. One person that was waiting for a cab was reading the Koran with sheer devotion.


8:30 AM, Etzion DCL:

The numbers had already been handed out. We took the numbers of the lasts ones so that the PM shift could check whether they got in. We handled cases that had to do with people that were prevented passage by the GSS, and also helped a driver who's license had been taken from him and he was told to pay a fine.