Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 22.9.08, Morning

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Haya O., Ada G. (reporting)




7:00 AM,  Bethlehem Checkpoint 300: There were only 4 open posts. By each post there were 4-6 people. The Palestinians said that they had been waiting for over an hour. Anyone who had to get to work tried bypassing the line and made a mess, as one Palestinian said. They let only a few enter. At one inspection post was a soldier sitting with his feet on the table and a beverage from which he took sips, he hardly even took the trouble to signal the Palestinians with his hand to pass- a disgraceful sight.


7:45 AM,  Nashshash : Two people came to see us with the usual police problems.


8:00 AM, Etzion DCL: About 70 people were waiting and on top of that there were about 20-30 women. The officer came out to hand out numbers to the women. He later handed them to the men that were waiting. He said that whoever got a number over 300 could go and return at 12:00. The numbers started at 200. The officer let all those with numbers beneath 240 to enter the waiting hall. The soldiers started working at 9:00. At 11:00 when we came back we learned that 50 people had entered. That indicates on a good pace, perhaps it was thanks to the presence of our friends Hana and Idit that the DCL worked more efficiently. There was much obscurity when it came to magnetic cards; they were given to every one even those who are refused passage. Those denied passage who received card weren't informed of the restriction on them. We once again asked that they inform people of their situation. On that day they did so. They told those who got a card what the situation was: denied by police or GSS.


8:40- 9:30 AM,  Beit Omar : Our usual stop, some people came asking for help.


9:45 AM,  Nabi Unis :  People came to us with the usual problems.


10:30 AM  We headed back to the Etzion DCL as specified above.


11:15 AM, Biter Checkpoint:  It was very quiet.