Reihan, Shaked, Sat 11.10.08, Morning

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Noa L. and Ruthy T.

Translation: Devorah K.

7:30 Shaked-Tura CP

The CP is an unusual sight on Saturday morning. Many people are crowded near the turnstile and many more cars than usual are waiting near the gate. J. from Tura, whose olive groves are on the other side of the fence, greets us with the following monolog: "Today, there are new soldiers. They don't know anything. They do things as if we are in kindergarten and the many workers in the queue are actually fighting with one another, while the soldiers look on and do not do anything. Things are in disorder, nothing is working. Yesterday a soldier cursed me. I complained to the officer. He is here today, too, the one with the beard."

We talked to the bearded sergeant, who remembered J.'s complaint. The sergeant said that the soldier did yell and that he told him that this was unacceptable. His interest is for the people to go through the CP calmly. A driver, the owner of a new pickup truck, is sent back to where he came from. The vehicle "does not come up on the computer". People claim that the special permits for the whole family to go out for olive-picking have still not arrived. This is a matter that we must find out about. At 7:45, most of the workers have left and the crowd at the exit gate to the seamline zone has disappeared. At 8:00 two people arrive and go through quickly in the direction of the West Bank.

8:10 Reihan-Barta'a CP
Many people go up the sleeveinfo-icon from the terminal in the direction of the seamline zone. One claims that it took him more than an hour to go through. In the inspection shed, there are four cars. Two windows are in operation at the entrance to the terminal. A worker who comes out on the way to work asks for our help. On Wednesday, he forgot a bag with clothes on the x-ray machine. We ask for the person in charge to help him and the worker comes out smiling within a few minutes - he has found it. The people coming out now report that the passage takes about ten minutes. Somebody with computer equipment is waiting near the post. The guard who is posted above the heads of the people (only his voice is heard) is interested and expresses admiration for the man's vocation and his place of work. They have a lively conversation. Definitely an unusual sight in the area of the turnstile.....
At 8:35 a passenger car arrives at the CP from the seamline zone: the driver and three women get out of the car. They go through in exactly six minutes. At 8:38 the four cars that we saw in the inspection shed when we arrived, leave. At 8:40 five passenger cars enter for inspection; they are not in the shed that we can see, but in the compound at the back that usually serves for the inspection of pickup trucks with goods.
At 8:45 a group of women and children and an old man with a limp in a white cape, arrive at the entrance gate on the side of the West Bank. They are seen in the exit sleeve in 17 minutes. The five cars that entered for inspection at 8:40 leave at 9:05. From the direction of the entrance gate to the terminal we hear the loud voice of the CP woman: "Don't do that again! And one by one!"
A peaceful Sabbath to you!