'Azzun, Beit Iba, Tue 28.10.08, Morning

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Tom and Nurit V (Nurit reporting) Hamdan, driver. Louise Levi translating

(It’s raining)

The road block at Jubara is closed. It opens after inspection of documents and MachsomWatch tag. When we enter a soldier calls his friends telling them to be on guard.

At roadblock 753 Palestinians are stopped for inspection. When we asked why, the answer is – because of warnings of a terrorist attack. On Monday, 27/10 Palestinians were not permitted to pass.

Road block Ar Ras is quiet.

At the exit from Jubara the soldier informs us that Hamdan cannot enter the area– we inform Elisheva

Anabta – graffiti  “Arabs are whores”

On the way to Beit Iba there is a sign with the words “Death to the Arabs”.

It is quiet at Beit Iba. Soldiers are waiting leisurely – it is their last day at the checkpoints and they are happy to go home.

(The weather is clearing up)

We leave – At ‘Azzun’ Atma? a large heap of earth

At Qalqiliya the checkpoint is quiet – there are hardly any people passing through

Just the same frustrating routine