'Anata, Qalandiya, Mon 10.11.08, Morning

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Ronnie P., Rutti R., Judy O., visitor from England

7:00  Anata 

Terribly crowded in the whole area because
of a short green at the traffic lights and  redirection of traffic
from Pisgat Zev because of a closed road. 
Checking of cars was done randomly and traffic
flowed smoothely up to the traffic jam.
We decided in future not to go to Anata - rather to
get to Kalandia earlier.
Queues in the long metal "sleeves" but not beyond
them and they moved fairly quickly.
We met the new contingent of the ecumenicals 
- a few from South Africa - a few from Sweden.
Humanitarian gate was closed already at 7:45 when
we arrived.
When a father, mother and child arrived to go
to hospital we called on the policeman to open gate but he did it
so quickly that the father did not get through. Only after we said that we
would call his superior did the policeman agree to open the gate for the