Qalandiya, Thu 13.11.08, Afternoon

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Zully F., Yael L.-J. reporting Avital F. driver

We were arriving at 16,40 p.m. at the parking lot
on the Jerusalem side Cars to Ramallah stood in a traffic jam. It took us
about 10 minutes to surround the roundabout before the checking .

We were crossing the passageway for pedestrians
without any control. On the other side about 30 people were waiting to pass to
Jerusalem, most of them young people. Only one counter was open.
After for about 10 minutes  we had walked around and eventually had
joined the queue a second counter got opened. From now on the passing was

Standing in the queue I was talking to students
from Birzeit university. They were studying languages and could talk in
English and German. Our passsage took  about 20 minutes. We did not
observe conflicts.