Beit Iba, Thu 13.11.08, Morning

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Zvia S. Rachel A (reporting); Natanya translating

Beit Iba. 8.10 - 9.40 
The usual routine. In the direction of Nablus random checkinginfo-icon.  Those exiting Nablus are carefully checked including the removal of belts, lifting of shirts and the usual dance.

Zvia went for a moment to speak to a Palestinian who was holding a violin and the commander immediately came and demanded that we stand in the place which he pointed out. After an argument he decided to close the checkpoint until we stood where he wanted. We did so and the checkpoint opened. In the area of the cars we again took out bundles of clothers which we had received from the mother of Ofra at Kibbutz Cabri for which we thank her and also were asked if we could help a sick child,