Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Tue 11.11.08, Morning

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Mical Ts., Hagit B. (reports and photos)

Sansana-Metar CP:
At 6:40, 20 workers are still in the checking lane. Four family visits' buses are awaiting their turn; sand tracks at the back-to-back passageway. All appears normal and ordinary and operates well – no complaints from the Palestinians. 

Road 60
–Blocked as usual. There's a flow of people moving from one side of the blockage to the other. Samoah – a new, grey gate was set up; there are many more Palestenians on the road – it really doesn't look like an apartheid road anymore.
Dura Elfawwar –Five busloads of children are getting ready for their annual trip; the pillbox is manned, and traffic flows.
Shiuyukh-Hebron –Children walk across, on their way to school. No military vehicles.
Sheep Crossing –Pillbox is manned, traffic flows.  

Road 35
Humanitarian PC –Pillbox is manned and traffic flows.
The Olive passage –Open.Halhul-Hebron Bridge – Traffic flows, pillbox is manned. Next to Beit Kakhil –Pillbox manned, the works towards setting up an antenna have concluded.
Idna-Tarquomiya –Traffic flows, pillbox is manned. On this road, too, we see only two military vehicles and many Palestinian ones – occupation feels peaceful today. 

Tarqumiya Many trucks await their turn at the "back-to-back" goods loading gate. After we left, a Jerusalemite trader called us complaining that they were made to take cloths off at Tarqumiya – a new scanner was brought in and those who had anything sounding in their pockets were required to go through it – the scanner is there for a month and its operation entails some (technical) adjustments.  We promised to talk to the CP commander. 

Road 356
Pne Hever CP
–Open. At the Zif junction, the grey gate was removed and so, too, the read sign, reading, "Entry to Palestinian territory is prohibited" [etc.]. We decided to drive on, from there, to the Sheep Crossing. The route is beautiful and we discovered another olive-oil press – it's very quiet today. 

Since Sukot, we are presented with a "closed military area" edict whenever we arrive there. It is renewed every 48hrs. So today, too, we were presented with it. We managed to get midway, on to the Shouhada St., when we were stopped by the patrol. Still, we've been able to see lots of children on their way to school and two girls in wheelchairs heading towards the girls' school. There are many Palestinian flags on the houses –countering the Israeli flags. Overall, there is much military presence; we are not allowed to go up to Tel Rumeida. The only way to get there is to change our address in our ID card. What are they hiding there, the military, in Hebron? And why are we taken for provocateurs… it is important to keep coming – to show we care. 

Attached – photos of the Federman Farm ruins.