'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 19.11.08, Morning

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Nora R. Michal B. Hanah P. Natanya translating.


The last workers in the turnstiles going through. At the exit
they complain as usual that the checking takes an hour and a half. Some
of them arrive at 3.30 so as to go through first. One worker said that
he arrived late and his boss phoned to tell him not to bother to come
in so he had gone home.

 Jubara 7.30

In addition to the locked gate they have also added a gate which works with a remote
control. When we asked to open the gate we were told that we had to
have a special permit and had to wait. The soldier was very pleasant (
a reservist) and said that his mother had been a member of
Machsomwatch. While we waited settlers passed in a van and shouted at
us "May your names be cursed." 10 minutes later the gate was opened.


 7 reservists. Hardly any checking and no queues.

8.30 When we got there we were offered something hot to drink; The
soldiers are students. No lines and random checkinginfo-icon.