Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 6.11.08, Morning

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Esti V and Nava E. - repoting

Translation: Ruth F.

6:15- The eastern lane of Sha'ar Ha'Shomron wasn't manned.
The western entrance to Marda was open but the blockage at Zeita was still there.

6:35 Za'tara/Tapouah junction:
Only few vehicles were in line from the direction of Ariel.
Young and determined Giva'ati soldiers were at the checkpoint. The officer wouldn't allow them to speak to us. When we arrived the line from Huwwara was long, but a new lane had immediately opened and the traffic started to move. The soldiers inspected the cars in a random order and the line grew shorter. A vehicle that "didn't stop at the checkpoint in spit of the soldier's orders" (we couldn't make out at which post this had occurred) was brought to the lot but the officer sent the driver off very quickly.
For the first time we saw some Palestinians crossing this checkpoint by foot.
The BP wasn't present at the entrance to Beita.

7:00- Burin/Yitzhar:
A BP jeep was used as a rolling checkpoint, the soldiers pulled over cabs and they took down the details of the passengers. The police officer said they were only pulling over those coming form Yitzhar and therefore they were not inspected at Huwwara. Since we couldn't find a place to park we didn't stay to make sure this was really how the checkpoint functioned.

There were many pedestrians, we couldn't see whether there was a long line of vehicles coming out of the city. The dog trainer's car was parked but the dog was closed in his dog house.  The binoculars were on the new lane.

We heard a new rumor regarding the construction plans: They will first finish working on the draining system, then move the pedestrian lane over there and then destroy the old checkpoint and build a number of lanes for vehicle inspection (like in Za'tara), because they are planning to allow vehicle to pass without the need of a permit.

There were no detaineesinfo-icon. The DCO representative arrived. The parking lot was full and there was a new Shishlik stand at the market.

7:50 Awarta: There were few cars, "the tea house" was recovering after the fire.

8:00 Beit Furik:
There was a short line of vehicles heading into the city, few pedestrians were present. We went towards the "humanitarian spot" and the soldier made it clear to us that it was out of bounds for us, because there were soldiers at he rooms by the toilets.

8:20 Back at Huwwara.
Traffic was flowing, there were no line of vehicles at the entrance of the exit, and there were no detainees either.

9:00 Za'tara/Tapouah junction- There was a short line from Huwwara.

At the entrance to Sha'ar Hashomron was a large sign informing of the "free way" project. As an optimistic person I hope this entails relieves for the residents of Nablus.

The project will allow the lords of the land to enter and exit the bank without disturbing their fabric of life, while every other vehicle will be inspected.

The inspection of vehicles with that will be able to use the free lane had begun on the 3rd of November and it will end on the 12th of December, "later they will decide on the regulation that will enable those subscribed to enter" and they will be able to pass through the Pascal lane.