Beit Iba, Thu 27.11.08, Afternoon

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Aliya S., Etika D. (reporting); Natanya translating.

13.30 Little movement at Qalqiliya in either direction. The laundry at Shvut Rachel sways in the wind.

14.10 Beit Iba. 10 cars at the entrance, mainly trucks and trade vans. At the exit a bus loaded with people. The men get down and their IDs are taken for checking. This takes 10 minutes. Behind the turnstiles are 30 people at any given time. The checking goes smoothly.  The commander allows women to go in front of the men and does not check their IDs.

15.10 We leave for Anabta.  On the way in the store we meet a taxi driver who says that he had stood for two hours in the line at Bizariya north of Shave Shomron. We drove there and found that there was a checkpoint but that cars were passing quickly and without delay. We went on to Anabta with a short stop at the olive press at Beit Lid. We were curious after the last report about the place.