'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 8.12.08, Morning

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Roni Sh., Osnat R. (reporter) Translator: Orna B.

06:30 Elijah Passage
No workers because of the holiday.
 06:35 Qalqiliya  
Deserted. The parking lot is empty.One can sense the holiday . One
can hear the muezzin. In Nebi Alias most of the shops are closed.
Azzun is open.
09:50 Anabta
It's drizzling. The entrance lane to the checkpoint is closed off.
Reservists are manning the checkpoint. Due to the thin traffic it was
easier for them to close off one lane. Thus just a pair of them is
doing the inspections and the others can rest.
At this hour traffic is no longer so thin and a queue of 5 or 6
vehicles soon builds up at the entrance, while cars are continuing to
go through in the other direction. Generally the drivers do not
understand what is wanted of them. 
A few minutes later the soldiers acquiesces and open the second lane.
There are no inspections and very few questions are asked. Usually it
is just a wave of the hand for drivers to go through.
10:20 Jubara
Again a new company of reservists. Again we are not allowed to
pass. After checking on us they allow us to reach the Children's Gate
via the Maarekhet Road!!!!!
A British couple, who had been staying with Zacahria were with us
. We are driving them to Israel. No questions were asked about them.
We reached the Children's Gate. We are not permitted to go through
to Ar-ras. They even close the gate and for a few moments stop a few
Palestinian vehicles from Jubara from going through.  All this to
prevent us from passing through.  
The  company commander, we presume,  arrives, and following an
argument said he would allow us to go to Ar-ras but only with a
patrol escort to protect us at the checkpoint. We asked him why we had
no such escort in Anabta. At the same time Roni is trying to find out
what is going on.
We go through to Ar-ras. A Hummer is going with us.
In Ar-ras  there is no easing of regulations. Both entering and exiting vehicles are inspected  thoroughly.
11:00 We left. The exit was as usual, via Jubara
. They opened the gate for us. Roni reported to the afternoon
shift. Let's hope they have an easier time.