'Anabta, Thu 11.12.08, Afternoon

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Smadar H., Hagar L., Deb L. (reporting)
We did not stop at Qalqilyia today.

The entrance to the village of Azun was not blocked.

We were at Anabta from 5:08 PM until 5:20 PM. There was a long line of traffic coming from Tul Karem, which was beyond our view. It took about 20 seconds to check each vehicle coming from that direction. There was a steady flow of  traffic into Tul Karem  and the check was a bit shorter, about  12 seconds per vehicle.
The CP was enveloped in total darkness with only the lights of the vehicles and the small batons of light that the soldiers held in their hands guiding the way. How any kind of security check could be made is questionable. It seems an empty jesture which just slows down the traffic and creates yet another obstacle to free movement.