Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Tue 9.12.08, Afternoon

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Eva F., Yael l.-J. (reporting)
Wadi Nar

General situation

The reorganization of the checkpoint is making progress. The construction work at the checkpoint improved the passage,  as the lanes of the road and the traffic islands were completed. Only the road we are using was barred at the junction. It looks as if this checkpoint - even located in the middle of Palestine  and instead of  being dismantled - is going to be converted in to something big like Hazietim Terminal, or Qualandia.

We  arrived at 15:30. Sitting in the car we could observe that there was a queue of about 10 cars waiting to pass in the direction to Bethlehem. As soon as we were visible the soldiers started waving the cars  through. Until 16:00  traffic was flowing. Then they closed the road down the hill to El Azaria and some taxis and private cars got stopped and were checked fast.

We intended to visit Zeitim Terminal  afterwards, but could not reach it because of heavy rain and traffic jams.