Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 26.11.08, Afternoon

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Millet S. and Michal S.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Translation: Ruth F.

14:35- The entrance to Marda was open, and the one leading to Zeita was still blocked.

14:45- Za'tara checkpoint:
When we arrived at the checkpoint we saw a bus that was parked at the side of the road the passengers were standing outside. After about 5 minutes they got their IDs back and the bus headed off.
Eight vehicles were waiting from the southern side.

15:00- Huwwara:
Three posts were active. The shed was completely full. At the entrance to Nablus was a line of six vehicles. One was being detained, and had been waiting four two and half hours. He didn't know why he was being detained, we couldn't find anyone from the DCO and there was no answer at the "Humanitarian Line"  phone.
The soldier at the checkpoint said that he is not allowed to reveal before us the reason why they are keeping this man. We called the DCO at Nablus and they said they would "make some inquiries".
A porter that was coming through was inspected by three soldiers.
We meet H. from Burin, he told us that settlers from Bracha ruined his car and broke the window.

15:20- We managed to get hold of someone at the "Humanitarian Line", they said they would try to see what was going on with the detainee.
15:25- A young man that had been detain for half an hour (Bingo), that had probably been taken in while we were noticing, was released. Those coming out of Nablus said they had to wait for an hour in line.
We called the "Humanitarian Line" again. They said the person was being detained because they were checking up on his plats number.  He was supposed to be released in a short while.
A woman was taken to the checkpoint by car and then was place on a stretcher and into an ambulance that arrived from Nablus.
We headed to Beit Furik.
We called the Humanitarian Line again and they said they would find out why the detainee hadn't yet been released.

16:00-16:15- Beit Furik- We had a word with those coming from Nablus, so the soldier told them off: "get gone! Yalla!!" (waving his arms).
There was only one vehicle post for those coming from both directions.

16:25- Huwwara-
The first detainee was released. The checkpoint was a little less crowded, but the passage was still slow since one post had been shut closed. Those coming out said they had to wait for two hours.
We left at 16:45.

17:00- There were six vehicles in line from the south side at Za'atara.