Bethlehem, Nabi Yunis, Fri 12.12.08, Morning

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Efrat B., Clair O. (both reporting)


Bethlehem Checkpoint: follow up on events of last Friday: the Palestinian whose papers were taken from him because they suspected that he had bypassed the checkpoint – as we were told by the Centre - had gone to the DCL where his permit (the means of supporting his family) was returned to him.


At Bethlehem Checkpoint there is no special activity, but we were told by a Palestinian woman that passage is being permitted only to men aged 50 and upward. An older woman passed with a small girl and told us that she was the aunt – the parents were not allowed through.


Nabi Yunis: we stayed less than an hour at the checkpoint because we drove by way of Beit Ummar to Nabi Yunis to collect from a Palestinian his participation in the fees of a lawyer who is dealing with his case.