'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 25.12.08, Morning

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Tsviya Sh., Rachel A. (reporting), Rochale (guest)

Translation: Galia S.

Jubara, Ar-Ras

08:20 – It's a wintry day. Reservists man the checkpoint, doing routine work. A group of soldiers is being briefed on the grounds of Ar-Ras checkpoint. On the way out of Jubara, a reservist asks to see our ID cards and since one card is missing, he goes to consult the commander, comes back and tells us this is the last time we enter Jubara.


09:00 – The lane leading to Tulkarm is blocked. Barriers with a big stop-sign have been set up there. The commander, answering our question about it, says it was his decision to block the passage, which, he feels, is his right and he doesn't need the approval of a higher rank to do it. He thinks it's more convenient in such weather. A dog trainer with a dog is here as well and each time they stop a car that leaves Tulkarm, the passengers get out and the car is checked inside and outside by the dog. However, a towel is spread on the seats. In the meantime, the passengers stand in the roofed shed to avoid getting wet by the rain.

We want to take pictures of the checking with the dog but the commander asks us not to, without explaining why. Something probably doesn't look so good in a picture of a dog sniffing inside a car. The commander seems to understand something about pictures. We promise him, however, that it will all be included in our report. The line of cars gets longer and he starts sending cars that head for Tulkarm without any inspection. (We must keep in mind that while they are sent without being checked, their lane is still blocked). The commander resumes the checks with the dog of those who leave the city.