Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Fri 26.12.08, Morning

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Orit D., Nili F., Ofra T. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.

08:45 Za'tara - There are no cars.

Beit Furik:
Our first visit at what used to be a bi-directional CP and is now a potential CP. Our eyes withheld cars coming and going without hindrance; the closed pedestrians-passage; the new tower which were erected at each CP...this doesn't deter the soldier whom we approached to scream at us the eternal sentence: "you disturb me in my job!!!!!  Oy Oy, their work was shown by one political act as senseless... (perhaps today, the second day of  the Whirligig of Forged Lead or as Daniela London wrote: "The Feast of the Kitchen" was the CP potential activated again)

The occupation economics must adapt itself to the capricious reality that the Authority creates. This time the taxi drivers which found work under the former CP rules, are now unemployed - cars that do not belong to Nablus are allowed to leave Nablus with passengers (and why are the inhabitants of Nablus not permitted to leave with their own cars?). The new situation mocks our economy of compassion. The drivers tell us that they heard that from the beginning of the year there would be no more checks at the CP - like at Beit Furik.
The parking lot is without peddlers, but a few hundred meters further on there is a luncheonette  (at the entrance to the DCO) for a Jewish public only. At the new and elegant terminal there are few people who cross over - it is cold, there is a drizzle and it is Friday. A gentle friendly soldier shows us the facility intended for detaineesinfo-icon: "they have air, they can sit and talk one to the other... believe me, their condition is better than ours." The military policewoman cannot believe that he bothers to talk to us...immediately we are sent away beyond the red surface on which the CP stands. "This is your new white line!!!"
The cars leaving Nablus are checked in the fashion of Za'tara, the people are not made of leave the cars, and only the papers are checked. The x-ray machine stands ready for action. There are no dogs.
Everything is potentially ready to be what was

There are few cars passing, some are checked, some of the taxis are sent for a thorough check at the parking lot. There a dog is waiting. Some of the taxis undergo the sniffing procedure, some have only the papers checked.