Beit Ummar, Qalqiliya, Te'enim Crossing, Wed 31.12.08, Afternoon

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Tami C., Dalia G.

Translation: Galia S.

There is a guest with us – a student from the college of communications who is doing a study about us.

Nothing to write home about.


14:30 – Twenty cars are at the entrance to Qalqiliya.
We meet Abdallah leaving Qalqiliya on his way to Azzun. He tells us that at the exit from the city there is a line of cars half a kilometer long. We call the DCO [District Coordination Office of the IDF Civil Administration that handles passage permits]. Tomer promises to clarify the problem and be in touch with us later on.

We leave and take Abdallah to his home. He has a daughter who has physical and mental problems and he asks us to help him. We take the necessary documents which we will try to give to the Physicians for Human Rights.
We go on to Beit Iba.

17:00 – On the way back from Beit Iba we enter Anabta checkpoint. There is no line of cars at the entrance and the vehicles pass, some of them without inspection.

The soldiers are "Golani" [Infantry brigade] reservists, new in the region. In both directions the traffic is streaming. We leave on the way to Jubara.

17:30 – The reservists at the Figs Gate are nice. Since they have no clue who we are, we tell them. First they ask us to show them our ID cards but then they let it go. The soldier who has been talking to us studies education at "Oranim" [Academic College]. He says he supports the idea of human rights, of course, but he feels he is doing his duty guarding the national security. We don't get into a deeper conversation.

They open for us the gate to Jubara.

Gate 753 (the Schoolchildren's Gate)

17:10 – We go toward Ar-Ras. From here it looks completely dark, as if there is a power failure. When we get there, we meet friendly reservists. They are leaving soon. Although there is lighting here, it is quite faint.

A short talk and we leave.

18:00 – At the Figs Gate there is no line on entering Israel.