'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 21.1.09, Afternoon

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Tami C., Daliah G.
Translator: Orna B.
Compared to what Edna has described this morning at the Zaatra Checkpoint - here it's an "occupation from heaven".
(Note part B, in bold characters)

14:25 Figs Gate
6 cars are standing in the queue at the entrance to Israel. Rigorous inspections but traffic is flowing.
We ask the soldiers to open the gate to Jubara for us. They claim they need an ok. We wait about 20 minutes. Tami calls her contacts in the army, and then at last they open the gate.

14:50 A-ras Checkpoint
We have not seen such a long queue of cars, in a long time. 12 vehicles, arriving from Tulkarm, are inspected one by one. At the entrance to Tulkarm there are 4 cars. Here too the inspection is very methodical.
The road we had asked them to repair has not been fixed.

We leave and enter the village of Jubara. In the middle of the village, a 12-year-old boy stops us by physically blocking the road with his body, his arms stretched out. Naturally we stop in front of him. Tami opens the window/
Tami: " Shalom, what is going on?"
The boy in an aggressive tone of voice (in arabic): "Identity cards!"
Tami respectfully takes out our cards and shows him.
He asks: "How much does it cost?"
He is willing to buy the IDs on the spot. We all smile at one another and say goodbye. A children's game drawn from reality.

We return to the Jubara Gate, and this time the soldiers open up immediately.
At the Figs Gate, at the entrance to Israel, about 30 vehicles are waiting, but traffic is flowing.
We continue to Anabta.

13:20 Anabta
Reserve soldiers. All is calm. No cars at the entrance. At the exit there are 4 cars. We leave and continue to Beit Iba.