Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 6.1.09, Afternoon

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Devorka O., Bruria R. (reporting)

Natanya translating.

14.30 Za'tara. 
55 cars from the north south, we spoke to the centre who said they would deal with it. Half an hour later we phoned again and they said that the matter was being dealt with.  On our way back there was again a long line of 30 cars with two lanes for checking and each car was checked.
From the east west were 16 cars. It seems that the checking has become more rigorous.

Beit Furik.
The checkpoint is open and cars go through without being checked.
3 checking lanes and one humanitarian. The lines are not very long but during the day the pressure increased  and was very crowded. The soldiers acted politely towards us and  treated the Palestinians decently except for one woman soldier who screamed at those standing in line and used expressions such as " Get the hell back." We spoke to the captain and he spoke to her. The DCO representative was also polite and helped where there was necessity. He helped to have a man freed whose mother was on the way to hospital and he had been delayed because his ID number was suspicious. In another case he helped to hasten the checking of a man in whose bag Japanese knives had been found (it seems for trading purposes). We noticed the increase in the checking of those in the humanitarian lane. All IDs were checked and most of the bags and people came through angry and said that they had waited an hour.
In the car lane all cars leaving were checked. Passengers alighted and both they and their belonging were checked. At the entrance only some cars were checked.