Al Nashshash, Beit 'Inun, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 5.1.09, Morning

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Chaya A., Ada G. (reporting)

 07.00 AM,  Bethlehem, Checkpoint 300:    three inspection stations are open, with just a few people at each of them.   According to the Palestinians, there are very many people waiting to cross.   They have been waiting since 05.00 and only at 07.00 did they start to cross.   Several times we ask for the inspection process to be speeded up, but we don’t see any  improvement.   The small stall that stood outside and sold hot drinks and “begaleh” has been removed.   The Palestinian who operated it has been refused a permit to continue to do so.   So now there is no-one to sell a hot drink to people who want one. 

07.30  AM,  Al Nashshash:
ll quiet. 

07.50  AM,  Etzion DCL: about fifty people are waiting for it to open.   Everyone has entered the entry-hall and is waiting for the windows to open.   About fifteen people are waiting for their finger-prints to be renewed.   They have been sent from the Bethlehem checkpoint because the finger-print machine there is broken.   We asked for them to be received and their case handled quickly, we repeated our request, and indeed they were taken inside and they continued to wait far from our eyes, so we stopped nagging the soldiers because we couldn’t see what was happening inside.   

On our way  from Beit 'Inun to Nabi Yunis a stone was thrown at us, and hit the roof of the car.   Should we report this to the soldiers ?   There is disagreement between us about this.   Let’s hope that similar situations don’t occur in future.