'Anabta, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Tue 3.2.09, Afternoon

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Maki Sh., Didika y.(guest), Meirav A.(reporter) Translator: Orna B.

13:25 Irtach Checkpoint
About 15 people are waiting at the carousels in order to enter the DCO from
the Palestinian side of the checkpoint. They say that they have been waitng
for about half an hour. We rang the DCO and they said that they will 
let them through immediately.
On the Israeli side of the checkpoint there is no traffic at this time. One
person arrives to go through the checpost. He tells us he is going through
divorce proceedings from his wife who lives in Tel Aviv with their daughter. The
Supreme Court allowed him access to Israel to see his daughter once a month. He
says that soon the certificate will expire and then he will not be able to see
his daughter at all. 
13:50 Jubara Checkpoint
Almost empty. No vehicle circulation.
14:00 Children's Gate, Jubara
Very little traffic. A young man arrives on a donkey drawn cart. He says
that the owner of the donkey is inside Jubara and he aims to bring him the
donkey back. The soldiers do not let him through because he is not a
resident. The owner of the donkey cannot come to the gate right now because he
is still at work. Eventually the soldiers agree for him to leave the donkey tied
up near the checkpoint, where it will await its owner who will come to collect
it later  this afternoon.
14:25 Anabta Checkpoint
A short queue of cars. Relatively quick inspection. This is an hour
with no pressure.
16:45 Qalqiliya Checkpoint
We arrive just when people are beginning to return from work. When we
arrived there were very few cars in the queue but within minutes there formed a
queue of over 40 vehicles. Inspection is relatively speedy but vehicles with
Israeli number plates delay  the inspections. The soldiers check if
they really have the right to enter the town and that procedure takes more

One of the vehicles dares approach before the soliers signal to him. The
soldiers shout at him to get back. The vehicle reverses 3 meters and only then
the soldiers signal to him to move forward for inspection. It is clear that
there is no logic to this procedure except to educate the driver. The
educational process was successful.