Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 15.2.09, Morning

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Elana L., Lea S., Paula R. (reports)

Road 60, up to Shuyukh crossroads

At the end of our shift, Elana turned to me, anxious: "So you'll have a very short report to write up now." There are no checkpoints along the road, right up to Shuyukh crossroads, Sansana-Meytar passageway flows smoothly, and in Hebron, there are no special events to report on.

When the day arrives, and our shifts are disbanded, and checkpoints, dismantled, that's it. We won't go out with our driver, A., and there will be no more early morning talks in the blue transit?

Meanwhile, no reason for worry.


A 14yrs old boy was killed on Friday, next to the Pharmacy CP (Abu El-Rish CP, the Palestinians' call it). His name is Az el-Din el-Jamal and he is from the Abu Sneinah neighbourhood. He took part in one of the Friday demonstrations. The boys threw stones. Boarder Police soldiers retaliated with tear gas and rubber bullets. A sniper climbed to the top of one of the buildings and shot the boys dead. This event was not reported in the papers, and that' why I report it here, now. It is only by surfing the International Solidarity movement's webpage that we found out about it. And a man standing next to the checkpoint, with whom we managed to talk in English, confirmed. A TIP unit affirmed this, too. The CP is now manned by tough Boarder Police soldiers. They check the young children's bags once they have gone through the Magnometer, in the booth. The rest, young as well as old, must have their documents checked up, too.

On Shouhada St. A. was required to present his ID card, his driving license, and the car's reg., as well as give his cell phone no.

In hope of better times.