Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Wed 21.1.09, Morning

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Ora A., Rahel M., Drora P. (reporting). Yoska M. (driving and assisting)

Rahel Checkpiont: many people were at the entrance to the building, but the pace was good and they didn't complain. One person was prevented passage since the computer said he was refused passage by the GSS. The person insisted and said that he had got permission to pass on the previous day, after some sort of an intervention which lead to the removal of the prevention at DCL Eztion. He managed eventually to pass- as the soldier suddenly "recalled" that incident.   

AL Nashshash:
  not many people were there and we had "nothing to do". 

Etzion DCL:
the wind was strong and dry, people were waiting outside of the gatesinfo-icon to open. The officer arrived at 8 o'clock. And when the commander arrived everyone was patient and obedient,  it was clear there was mutual respect between the officer and those waiting.
One person told us that at the entrance they had to open their coats when arriving at the turnstiles, as a second security inspection. There was a man who had gone through surgery in his hand and therefore he couldn't place his hand on the hand print machine. He arrived at the DCL hoping that a solution would come up. 

Nabi Yunis: there were two stands at the checkpoint, both built from iron and tarpaulin. One was a coffee stand and at the other vegetables were sold. A military patrol arrived on the previous day and handed a warrant to pull the "constructions" down. We place a complaint at the Israeli committee against house demolitions , we hope they can help. The coffee stand provides a living for a family of nine people, a young man of 17 is now working there after his father had recently passed away.