'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Thu 29.1.09, Morning

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Shoshanna Z., Nina S. (reporting)

Translator: Louise L.

7.00 Jubara

The soldiers ask us to wait until they get the permit to let us in - it takes about 7 minutes. The commander at the roadblock claims that he will need a permit to let us out as well. We suggest that he get a permit in advance, but he says it is impossible.

7.15 A-Ras

Procedures have changed and the soldiers check every car coming from A-Ras, and of course also those coming from Tulkarem. They open the doors of almost every car as well as the trunk. The doors themselves are being checked.

At Jubara we are let out through the gate without delay.

8.00 Anabta

At the exit from the direction of Tulkarem the line is long. The cars pass through quickly, but there is a lot of traffic, and many cars are being stopped to have their permits checked. A bus is being held while a soldier checks its permit, and in the meantime the bus is blocking the traffic, since a car waiting to be inspected is already parking on the side. Each time the soldier has to cross the road to the pillbox in order to check the permit and then go back again. This causes delays, of course.

A person has been ordered out of a cab. The reason why isn’t clear. The cab is driving on while the man is sent to wait where the soldiers are posted. They take away his cell phone. We can’t find out what is going on, because the soldiers won’t let us approach him, and he isn’t allowed to speak to us. They give the detainee water. We call the IDF Humanitarian Center, which returns our call after a little while informing us that the man has been detained for inspection and that he will be released soon. They also mention that a person can be detained only for a short time. We have no way of finding out what happens this time.

10.30      Qalqiliya

The line at the entrance is long and it is quite long at the exit as well, even though the soldiers let the cars through without delay. Each passage takes 7 minutes. Evidently there is much more traffic today than what we have seen during the last few weeks.