Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 5.2.09, Morning

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Rahel A., Tamar S. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.


06:40 The entrance to Zeita is blocked, the entrance to Marda is open.

07:00 Tapuah/Zaatara -
Before the junction, from the west, they stopped a bus for checking, all its passengers alight, the bus is checked, the papers of the passengers are checked and ten minutes later the bus continues on its way.
07:15 When we arrived there were no vehicles, but in a moment we witnesses the accumulation of a queue of 24 vehicles coming from Nablus.

07:20 Huwwara.
Many taxis in the parking lot. In the  pedestrians' queue at the exit from Nablus there are about 25 people. We draw, for the second time, the attention of the soldier and the DCO representative at the CP to the concrete blocks at the entrance to the CP, which stand so close that they make it impossible for a wheelchair to pass.
The pedestrians passing at the CP are requested to lift their coats and to make a round turn ("to dance").
07:50 We notice that there is a long queue of vehicles at the exit from Nablus. There are about 20 vehicles standing there and the CP is closed - eight soldiers and one DCO representative stand there and do not let any vehicle pass. We approach them to ask the reason for that, and the soldier answers aggressively that they don't let them pass because we approached. When we demand to be given a serious reply, the DCO representative tries to wave us away by telling us that they are going to open the CP  again immediately. We insist on getting an explanation for the stoppage of the two queues and he tries to bluff us by saying that the security guard went to eat. At the CP two lanes are supposed to be active, we counted there at least eight soldiers, not counting the DCO representative, and the claim that the CP was closed because the security guard had to eat is ridiculous. A few moments later one lane was activated, in the meantime the queue became even longer.
08:00 One CP is open the other is closed.

08:10 Awarta - seven vehicles in line to leave Nablus, they advance quickly.

08:15 Beit Furik - it is empty.

08:44 Tapuah/Za'tara - about twenty five cars from the direction of Nablus.

Marda and Zeita - the same situation as on the way there.