'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Beit Iba, Eliyahu Crossing, Qalqiliya, Tue 10.2.09, Morning

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Tom K., Moriah P. (reporting),Translator: Judith G.

Beit Iba  


06:55  Eliyahu passage – checking trucks at the entrance from Israel.


06:55  Qalqilya – No line and no vehicles.


07:25 – Beit Iba, separate report.


08:27  Anabta, no line.  Vehicles at the exit from Tulkarm are not inspected;  at the entrance, a superficial inspection.


08:45  Jabara – They ask us for our IDs in order to enter Ar Ras;  Hamdan's ID is left with the soldier, because "he needs to check".  After 5 minutes, the gate opens and Hamdan gets his ID back.


08:55  Ar Ras – A taxi from the direction of Tulkarm waits for 5 minutes;  they check the ID of the passenger.  No lines. Another 2 minutes and the taxi is freed.  During those 5 minutes a line of 7 vehicles forms, about ½ minute for each car.  In less than a minute, the line has disappeared and so לפיכך אין תור.