Huwwara, Thu 12.2.09, Afternoon

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Fatchia I. Chana K. Reporting)

Natanya translating.

We arrived at Huwwara at 2.30pm.
On the way we passed Beit Furik which was empty.
At Huwwara were two detaineesinfo-icon next to the isolation.
A long line of pedestrians and of cars leaving Nablus.
In all cases men had to expose their stomachs and turn around.. 
An American newspaper women passed and spoke shortly about  her bad impressions.
A French newspaper woman was attached to the soldiers, given an armoured vest and when she came up to us the soldier with her moved off a bit. She managed to mutter a few words as to how horrible she found the whole scene. The soldiers checking the cars enjoyed taking a short break now and again for a convivial meeting amongst themselves and then the long line of cars had to wait .
The x-ray machine was working.

. We left at 16.00.
At the exit we met a rolling checkpoint with 4 cars waiting.