'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 8.2.09, Morning

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Prof. Henry W. (guest) Yael B., Diza Y. - reporting

Translation: Hanna K.

07:20 Zeita - There is a blockage as usual.

07:25 Za'tara:
From the west there are 6 cars. One is being checked on the side. Both her engine hood and the baggage hood are lifted. From the north there are 4-5 vehicles.
07:50 The car at the western CP is still delayed, other cars are quickly checked and pass. We went back to inquire what the matter was, but just as we arrived it was released.
At both CPs at Za'tara the soldiers remind us - although politely - what the place intended for us was, and that we were forbidden to leave it.

08:00 Huwwara: 
A Palestinian man from Vidia approaches us and asks for our help: he has 4 children who all seriously disabled. He got 1000 Shekels for 8 months from the Palestinian authority. He worked in Israel but is prevented from doing it now. We referred him to Silvia P.
There are no people at the CP, a  phenomenon we haven't encountered till today. Here and there pedestrians headed for Nablus arrive, from time to time the traffic is lively.
The CP commander A. comes up to us, talks to us openly.
The CP is quiet. Even later, when people come to the turnstiles - one doesn't hear the voices of the military policewomen who perform the checking. This too is a rare phenomenon here.
08:55 A Palestinian comes to us. His sixteen year old son was taken out by soldiers on the 17.1.09 at midnight, with only his trousers on his body, on the suspicion that he threw a stone towards a vehicle belonging to a settler, near Shilo. The boy is detained at the Jalame prison. The father, all excited and agitated, told us all that had happened in great detail, not so that we should help him, the matter is being handled by Yesh Din, he just felt the need to let us participate in his distress.

09:10 Awarta: there are 8 vehicles at the CP. They are checked quickly.

09:20 Beit Furik: the vehicles headed for Nablus enter without being checked. But at the exit from Nablus there is a superficial checking of the drivers.

09:30 Huwwara: There are about 10 people at the CP and about 15 vehicles in the queue leaving Nablus.
10:00 We left the CP.