'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Tue 24.2.09, Morning

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Moriya P., Tom K. (reporting) Translator: Louise L.
7.06 Jubara
We keep waiting. The commander of the roadblock says that we
have no passage permit and that he will check with the DCO (District
Coordination Office). He is very surprised when he realizes that we
are not allowed to drive on the road along the separation barrier. They
let us through after having kept us waiting for 20 minutes (!!!) While
waiting Moriya is talking with a civil security guard (a civilian employed
by a private company and “working” at the checkpoint).

7.30 A-Ras – there are
no cars at all.

7.50 Anabta - 5 young
people are waiting on the side. They tell us that they have been waiting
for an hour already and that they are late for the university. They
are detained like this every day. We get the name and the I.D. number
of one of the students,

Aziz Atma, I.D. no. 851942227,
Tel. 059-8160519

We promised to forward the details
to anybody who might be able to help. Who can help?

7.55 There are 16 cars in line
at the exit from Tulkarem. A soldier  returns the I.D. cards to
the waiting people. All of a sudden it is very urgent that they leave
the checkpoint, and he tells them to drive off immediately, since they
are not allowed to cause any delay (after having waited for an hour).
When the soldier tries to explain
why they have been kept waiting for so long (because of a delay
at the advanced command post, he says), another soldier intervenes reprimanding
him for trying to explain at all.

Meanwhile the line has disappeared
into Tulkarem. The line from Tulkarem is still lingering on. It takes
a minute for 2 cars to pass, but it is not enough. For some reason the
inspection is very meticulous today. The soldiers ask the people in
every car where they come from.

8.04 A cab from the direction
of Tulkarem with no passengers is ordered to park on the side. The soldier
talks with the driver and asks him to open the trunk. After 15 minutes
the cab drives on. We are shocked (again, as usual) when we realize
that the whole “security” system is based on the intuition and selection
of 19-year-old boys.

8.10 The line from Tulkarem has
shrinked to 9 cars. We leave after 5 minutes.

10.00 Qalqiliya – There
are only a few cars, and there is no line.