'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 18.2.09, Afternoon

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Tammi C., Daliah G. Translator: Orna B.

16:55 Anabta
No queue of cars in either direction. Cars arrive and go through.
No inspection at the entrance, and at the exit they only check IDs.
Tammi discovers a flag of the "Blue and White women" stuck to the
checkpost, and comments upon it to the commander. He is surprised and
immediately takes it off.
We depart for Jubara.
17:10 Figs Checkpoint
The commander asks if we are Machsom Watch, greets us and immediately open the gate. 
Gate 753 ,"the Children's Gate" is back in operation as of old.
A smiling soldier approaches and asks "How are you?"  and greets
us"Have a good day!" (Such a reception no doubt improves our day
A-ras Checkpoint is deserted. Hardly any traffic. Occasionally a car goes through.
On the other hand the atmosphere is now hostile towards us.
Although at first we were greeted by a smiling soldier who wanted to
talk to us,  that instantly roused from their lair a soldier on the
watch tower and the commander who was in the middle of inspecting a
car. He stopped the inspection (thus delaying of course the car until
he came back to it) and actually lost his temper, screaming at the
soldier to stop talking to us. That was not enough. He came over and
insisted we do not talk to the soldiers because we are inciting them.
When I insisted that we do not incite anyone he claimed that we disturb
them (all this when the checkpoint is practically empty).
We answered the fool at his level until he lowered his voice, and  we departed. Only then did he go back to the waiting car.
17:20 We depart, reach the Jubara gate and the
commander who had opened for us earlier is already on his way to open
up again, even before we hooted. Those exist too...
We said goodbye and left on our way.