'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 11.2.09, Afternoon

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Sarah P.( a guest who wants to join), Miryam Sh., Tammi C. Translator: Orna B.

A beautiful clear day after the rain and the storms.
14:45 We reached the Figs Gate at Jubara.
After a short wait the locked gate to the village was opened to us and
we went through the village. At the Children's Gate (753) we were
greeted politely and they let us continue on our way to A-ras. Here too
we found smiling soldiers and one even bothered to tell us that he
appreciated our work. A righteous one was found in this company.
Traffic is flowing without stopping in both directions, but the huge
ditches on both sides of the road towards A-ras are still there
to glorify the State of Israel.
14:45 We left A-ras and
returned via the Children's Gate which was still deserted. By the
way, here is an amusing anecdote - the soldier who came to open the
gate to the village asked us :"Have you bought any food or any other
items in the village"? A truly ridiculous question. He probably had
never been to Jubara before. What does he think one can buy there? We
told him that the shopping mall closes at lunchtime.
15:00 Anabta.
Two pairs of soldiers stand at the entrance and at the exit. The
cars entering the town go straight through and those exiting are also
hardly stopped.
17:35 We went through Qalqiliya Checkpoint. Cars pass through in both directions with no inspection. The taxis parking lot is full.