Beit Iba, Shave Shomron, Mon 23.2.09, Afternoon

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Bilha A., Yona A., Niba D., Ziona S. (reporting),Translator: Charles K.

15:00  The checkpoint that was recently erected on the way to Deir Sharaf, before the sign to Shave Shomron, is being dismantled.  A crane on a truck is removing the concrete cubes and the yellow barrier.  On the way back we see that only the guard tower remains.


The checkpoint area is flooded with taxis.  There seem to be more than usual.


A few cars pass through the vehicle checkpoint on the way to Nablus without being inspected.


There is a long line of cars from Nablus.  Two inspection lanes open, and every vehicle leaving is carefully inspected:  documents and contents. This sometimes lasts a few minutes.


There is very light traffic at the pedestrian checkpoint.  Almost no one enters, and not many are leaving either,  mostly male and female students.


The young men exit the turnstiles holding their belts in their hands.  Women pass freely through the humanitarian lane.  The men’s ID’s are inspected.  The DCO representative stands at the inspection booth and creates a relaxed atmosphere  saying  something to almost everyone who goes through.  We didn’t hear what he says, but everyone comes through smiling.  That also happens sometimes.