Beit Iba, Shave Shomron, Thu 26.2.09, Afternoon

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Didika Y., Michal S., Translator: Judith G.


Beit Iba 


Two inspection stations for vehicles are in operation;  about 20 vehicles standing in line.  Each vehicle waits for 12 minutes.  The waiting shed for pedestrians is almost empty.  The line on the side reaches almost to the end of the shed.  The soldier who is inspecting those going through here yells out every few minutes: "One by one!" and screams at those waiting to move backward.  The female soldier, who checks those going out, also screams at them rudely.  Didika alerted the checkpoint commander to the situation and he responded to her.


The soldiers look through the bags and bundles of everyone going through.  Men are forced to empty their pockets and take off their belts.


A female student arrives without an ID and is not allowed to go through and return home from the university.  She doesn't argue and, before I had a chance to speak with her, she goes back to Nablus.  As though it is to be taken for granted that you can't go home without an ID.



We leave.



There is inspection in both directions at the Shave Shomron checkpoint.  In the direction of Nablus, there is a line of 7 vehicles.