Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Wed 18.2.09, Morning

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Ora A., Rachel M., Drora P. (reporting), Yoske M (driving and assisting)

 Bethlehem - Rachel’s Crossing:  people are smiling and the Humanitarian crossing is in operation. There are no hold-ups at the finger-print recognition machine, and the traffic flows through the checkpoint. Five inspection stations are open. Someone complains that he has waited for about two hours since he arrived at the checkpoint until he left, but we have no way of verifying this. There is still room for improvement at these border checkpoints, but lets hope for better days.  

Al Nashshash:
he traffic is thin and no-one needs our help. 

Etzion DCL:
he doors are opened at 08.00. The order of entry is known, there is no pressure, and there is mutual understanding. The problem is, of course the (slow) rate of issuing magnetic cards, and in receiving answers from the police about driving and traffic matters. People without work appeal to us for help in removing restrictions to their receiving work permits. 

Nabi Yunis:  a
trader who deals with Israel to the satisfaction of both parties complains that his son, who is his partner is tormented by the GSS. A man who received a traffic report a few years ago wants to pay his debt.  He went to the Hebron DCL in order to receive details of the sum he owes. The answer he received was to go to Ras El-Amoud.  But “how shall I get there ?” he asked.  We suggested to him to go to the Etzion DCL  where Maher has instructions to deal with anyone who comes to ask for help with the police.  It is not clear how Maher will help him, so we arranged for him to contact Chaya’le and she will try to assist him.