Reihan, Shaked, Sun 29.3.09, Morning

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Hanna H. and Ruthy T.

Translation: Devorah K.

6:00 Reihan-Barta'a
In honor of daylight saving time, it is raining and cold. Workers are not arriving from the direction of the terminal. In the upper parking lot six Transits are waiting. Somebody tells us that the people who have agricultural permits are not allowed to go out to work because of some computer problem. A worker in the Security Firm confirms that indeed "there is a communication problem that will be fixed shortly." He claims that there is no pressure.

At 6:30 six pickup trucks with goods are waiting in the lower parking lot. The pedestrians' gate is empty. Four cars are being inspected. Two are waiting on the road. A taxi going in the direction of the West Bank is inspected in exactly seven minutes, including the passengers.

6:37 - an agricultural worker whose employer waited for him until 6:30 returns home. He has lost a day's work. At 6:45 nine pickup trucks with goods are now waiting for the passage to open. Four cars go on their way at 6:55. Our acquaintance, the driver, A., claims that some of the workers have not arrived because of the rain and others have still not adjusted to daylight saving time.

7:03 Shaked-Tura
The gate in the direction of the West Bank is open. A young woman to whom we gave a hitch, three little children, and one car -- are invited to enter. The children run in the direction of the inspection room. When we ask about this, one of the soldiers claims stubbornly that these are his instructions. A man who arrived in the meantime at the door of the inspection room yells: "Soldier, come and tell him to open." The soldier answers, "slowly, slowly."

At 7:10 our hitchhiker goes through after the children.

At 7:20 a big group of children enters. The adults are allowed to enter one by one. The passage in the CP proceeds and we go on our way to Jalameh, where the little girl who is treated daily in Rambam is waiting for us. Today, she smiles at us.