Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Wed 25.3.09, Morning

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Drora P., Ora A., (reporting), Yusef M. (driving and assisting)

O6.40 AM, Bethlehem - Rachel’s crossing:  four inspection stations are open. An ecumenical volunteer from Bethlehem tells us that a large crowd is waiting on the other side, and ten minutes ago  the soldiers stopped people from coming in. We speak to the humanitarian office and they promise us that they will ensure that the crossing will be re-opened.

08.15  AM,  Al Nashshash:  there is more traffic than last week. A coffee vendor who abandoned the place long ago has returned and placed his coffee-boiler on the concrete barrier.

O7.45  AM, Etzion DCL:   only twenty people are waiting for the DCL to open; and it does so at exactly 08.00., and everyone enters.  A  GSS  denied Palestinian asks for our help.

08.30 AM,  Nabi Yunis:  there is a lot of traffic at the crossroads. A driver who has to pay some fines and cannot reach the police-station asks for our help. We refer him to Chia. On our way, at Beit Ummar, we see soldiers in jeeps at the road-side next to the manned position, but they are not stopping any vehicles. On our way back from Nabi Yunis they had already left.