'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Thu 12.3.09, Afternoon

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Petachia A., Micka S., Channa K. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.

14:30 - Beit Furik.
Contrary to the routing in the past weeks, cars are again stopped at the exit from Nablus, and are checked. The commander approaches, asks us to leave, after we presented him with a documents enabling us to be present there, he concedes. A car from the American consulate accompanied by an Israeli car (from east-Jerusalem) arrived within the framework of a CP tour.

14:40 - A rolling CP at the entrance to Awarta, there are six cars waiting

14:55 - Huwwara.
At the entrance to the CP there is a poster recalling the Purim precepts.

Is the hanging of the poster at the outskirts of Huwwara  intended at creating some sort of linkage between "poor Palestinians in the occupied territories" and "Paupers from Judea and Samaria"? Perhaps by calling the phone number on the poster one can find out if the gifts will be distributed to all the needy people in the area, without difference of religion and race.

At the entrance path the flower boxes solve the problem of the lack of benches, and thus the weary waiting person, will be able to rest: