'Anabta, 'Azzun, Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Te'enim Crossing, Wed 15.4.09, Afternoon

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Tammi C. and her spouse [driver] Translator: Louise L.
14:00  Qalqiliya

A cold wind is blowing when we
leave the car. All the soldiers are huddled together hiding from the
wind. They sign for the cars to drive through. The traffic is moving
forward in both directions without delay.

When we continue on our way we
receive a call from Raya. She says that Zacharia claims that there are
soldiers posted and checking at the Jit junction. After talking to Zacharia
we drive up to him and he tells us that since morning cars are stopping
at the junction and now they begin to drive away.

16:00  Anabta

No work on the road is being
performed today. It is holiday. At the exit from Tulkarem 18 cars drive
through without being stopped. 5 cars pass at the entrance. The soldiers
are indifferent…

16:20  The
“Te’enim” passage

We ask the commander to open
the gate to Jubara and after a moment he lets us through. He promises
that if we hoot when we return he will open the gate again.

16:35  Gate 735
(The children’s gate)

The soldiers are tired (after
eating a lot of matzot…). They check entry permits to the village.
A man from the village is not allowed to enter with his loaded car.
When we ask why, we get the answer that he has no entry permit. We do
not have time to inquire, because when we arrive he is already on his
way back.

We return to the “Te’enim”
passage at 16:40. True, there is a line of cars at the exit from The
West Bank, and although the commander promised to open the gate on our
return, we have to wait 20 minutes and hoot many times, before he arrives
giving us a lecture on his responsibilities and tasks at the checkpoint.
What is important is that he lets us through, and that we can drive
home safely.

P.S. When we drive on the road
next to Azun we notice that the village is surrounded by high fences.
It looks as if the place is under siege.