'Anabta, 'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Jit, Qalqiliya, Te'enim Crossing, Mon 20.4.09, Morning

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Rony S. Frances T. Frances T reporting.

06.40 Eliyahu crossing.

Quite a number of cars are waiting in
the parking lot.  There are about 20 workers waiting to go through
the crossing.

06.45 Qalqilya.

Several schoolchildren are on their way
to school.

We are stopped by the soldiers who have
no idea who or what Machsom Watch is.  We explain.

A line of about 7 cars gather at the
exit from the town.

The officer in charge approaches and
a discussion evolves about where we are supposed to stand.  We
argue ineffectively and are “evicted” from the area of the checkpost
on the grounds that this is not a safe place to stand in case the Palestinians
“open fire” on the soldiers.

As we have no choice, we move further
down the road and watch as the soldiers check cars with Israeli plates
exiting Qalqilya.  We leave after 20 minutes.

07.05 Azzun

Many schoolchildren on foot again on
their way from Azzun to classes in Qalqilya.  The exit from Izbet
Tabib is open.  At the entrance to Azzun we see the mounds of earth
which have been bulldozed up to close the entrance/exit.  However,
the earth has been smoothed over at one place to enable a pedestrian
path and people cross freely.

Shvut Ami

We see no evidence of any settlers. 

07.30 Jit

The junction is empty. 

08.20 Anabta

A bulldozer and a lorry are still working
on the west side of the road.

Cars are crossing freely. 

All of a sudden, a taxi is stopped from
Tul Karm and the soldiers start doing checks (possibly due to the arrival
of an officer).  The checks are being done very slowly and cause 
holdups in traffic.  The checks are on cars with Israeli number

09.00 We leave. 

09.22 Teenim crossing

We request a soldier to open the gate
to Jbara and a soldier is dispatched immediately with a key.  We
drive to Gate 753 and try to cross but despite our argument, we are
not allowed to do so.  About 6 soldiers man the crossing.

On our return we see Abu Hatem and park
the car to greet him.  He sends his wife to prepare coffee for
us (we feel embarrassed to offer him money!) and advises us that in
a few days the gate will be permanently open.  This remains to
be seen!