Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Fri 17.4.09, Morning

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Michal W., Nili F., Ofra T. (reporting)

Translator: Charles K.

9:15  Za'tara: Three cars on line from the west.  Six cars on line from the north.

There's no flying checkpoint at Burin/Yitzhar junction.

Light pedestrian traffic.

Two lanes for car inspections.  We timed an average of 15 minutes.  Sometimes cars entering Nablus are also checked.

A Palestinian man from Beer Sheva wants to enter with his car to visit his sister who's very ill.  He says she's dying.  He hasn't seen her for three years, and has made a special trip.

The soldiers don't allow it, and tell him to come tomorrow (Saturday).  After we interview the soldiers (to understand why Saturday is better than Friday), it turns out that only on Saturday may Israelis enter Nablus in private cars to visit relatives.  And today, of course, is Friday.  He can enter without the car.

But the man says that it's dangerous to leave the car at the checkpoint.  The soldiers (who are polite) say that if they get authorization from the DCO, they'll let him go in.

Nili talks to someone from the DCO.  He refers her to someone else, who explains that "things aren't done that way," and that anyway it simply isn't possible for people to come whenever its convenient for them, but finally he gives her to understand that he's willing to help the man.  After he speaks with him (in Arabic), he tells him that he's not allowed to enter.  "He heard that I'm Arab, so he didn't allow me," said the man from Beer Sheva.  Nili speaks to Zaharan, who explains that only the general (!) can authorize entry of a vehicle not on Saturday.  We relaxed.  The country has things organized and under control, and not everyone can go visit his dying sister whenever he feels like it.